Reverend Scott Crawford (scottcrawford) wrote in wefuckindareyou,
Reverend Scott Crawford

This community

If your username is allanb, cirhosis, damnitnicole, degnernj, fearsclave, ingenuemuse, prolixfootle, savethewave, vesperia, scumm_boy, spankymc2teats, xircon, or youallboreme, let me know if you'd like to 0wn this community, and why. You won't be required to write reviews, just keep an eye on this place and hopefully get it the visibility that I'm giving things that are more interesting to me these days.

If someone doesn't accept it within a reasonable period of time and assure me that it'll be in good hands, I'm giving it to sugarvaulter, whether she actually wants it or not.

If your name isn't mentioned here: fuck off, cunt. Actually, if you can make a really strong case (which none of you did the last time I asked) for 0wnership, and if I feel I can trust you with my bouncing baby aborted fetus, perhaps we'll talk.

As for those of you who are still in the queue, including the person who added themselves today: suffer, until I'm damn well ready to make a decision.

Oh, and kittenkissies HAS BEEN BANNED for being a general cunt. That's all the reason I need. Ridicule away, lemmings!
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